New Workshop Helps MLSs Manage Consolidation
Kevin McQueen | 27 June

Within the real estate industry, Multiple Listing Service (MLS) organizations are facing one of the biggest game changers they have

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7 Steps to Overcoming MLS Consolidation Obstacles
Kevin McQueen | 28 April

Having managed nearly 60 MLS mergers, we hear many excuses why a consolidation won’t work: Our market is unique –

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5 Obstacles to MLS Consolidation
Kevin McQueen | 24 April

MLSs have been consolidating rapidly at a rate of approximately three per month. The number of MLSs in the US

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The Future of the MLS in One Word: TEAM
Kevin McQueen | 13 April

After spending 30 years in the real estate industry, you get to know people. And since I’ve been asked this

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